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      I add cauliflower to mac and cheese too. It doesn’t even have to be

      pureed just chopped small, it blends right it with the pasta.

      — In, “Joi” wrote:


      > My kids run when they see a vegetable, so I want to share some of

      > my “tricks” to get them to eat them. With any tomato sauce ie..

      > spaghetti, goulash, sloppy joe, pizza I cook frozen pea/carrot mix and

      > puree them and add them into the sauce as I cook it. I am sure there is

      > other vegetables that would work with this, such as pumpkin, sqash,

      > sweet potato. Now for white sauce, I cook and puree zuchini or

      > cauliflower mixes well with my chicken pot pie, mashed potato,

      > stroganoff. Sweet potato, squash and pumpkin work well with cheese

      > sauce. What I look for is vegetables that don’t have a strong flavor,

      > take on other flavors well and that will puree easily. Most of these

      > also make great thickeners. If you have any other ideas I would love to

      > hear them. I have tried to introduce them, still continue, but until

      > they realize vegetables are not an enemy they will still get them, they

      > just won’t know it.


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