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      For years I have been hiding veggies in baked goods (carrot-zuchinni

      muffins, sweet potato or other squash quick breads, etc.). When my

      son was younger I would make pureed veggie soups and a loaf of bread

      and let him dip the bread in the soup and eat it. What worked for my

      son, however, doesn’t work for my daughter, but when she likes a

      veggie she’ll at least eat a lot of it.

      Now that they are older, we have a one bite rule at my house so they

      have to at least try everything on their plate, whether it be a new

      entree or hated vegetable. I’ve read that you get the max benefits

      from veggies by mixing a dark and light colored veggie within the same

      day (ie, carrots and green beans), so I try to do that as often as

      possible. But sometimes my kids live on baby carrots only much to my



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