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      I have a spaghetti sauce recipe, somewhere,…. that calls for

      carrots. Yes, the recipe actually has that. It thickens the sauce

      and sweetens it. I made it years ago at my sister’s house, and her

      carrot-hating husband loved the sauce. The only problem was that

      when we used the food processor, it left just a few chunks of

      carrot. Of course, one of the showed up in his plate. When we owned

      up to what it was, he looked at it for a few seconds, glanced at

      their daughter, then with a grin decided to set a good example and

      tried it. He was amazed that the liked carrots cooked in

      tomatoes. He also told me to give a copy of that recipe to my

      sister, it was the best sauce he had ever had on spaghetti.

      There are actually recipes out there that call for these vegetables

      to be added.

      Ann in Arkansas

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