Kids and Household chores…suggestions?!?

Stuff I’d Like to See General Kids and Household chores…suggestions?!?

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      I’m looking for suggestions on how to get my kids (12 and 8) to help more around the house. I’m all for paying them for some chores but I also feel like there are things they should do to contribute for the family. We’ve tried sticker charts and lots of requesting…

      but not much sticks around here. Has anyone had any great success with a particular method? We’re a pretty busy family…sports, lessons, lots of hobbies both together and apart, which I think is also a big contributor to our problem.

      This workin’ mama needs help! I’m beat! deadhorse  smilie

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      I had a hard time with this myself. My children are 7&5. They do not have an allowance, probably never will.

      They do not get paid for daily chores. For example, cleaning their rooms, picking up their toys, setting and clearing the table, emptying/filling dishwasher, cleaning the bathroom, put away their clothes, etc. We feel that it is their room, their toys, they use the dishes and they use the bathroom.

      It’s just part of being in the family and doing their share. I get lip, but what parent doesn’t. I just explain to them that I do not dirty their clothes, but you expect me to wash them because that is my responsibility until you are old enough to do it yourself.
      However, if they want to earn money, we give them jobs like washing our car, sweeping out the garage, or washing the windows.

      We don’t punish them for not helping around the house, but they aren’t allowed to do is watch tv, or play outside with friends or play video games, go to a movie with a friend, go to a party, etc. unless their daily household chores are complete. This works for us most of the time, but there is always room for flexibility and improvement.

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      Thanks so much for the feedback. I completely agree that there are just things they should do, just because they live here and should contribute. Believe it or not, I started giving chores as punishment!

      Sounds awful, I know…but, more things are getting done and the kids are fighting less for fear of what I’ll make them do! Ha!

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Stuff I’d Like to See General Kids and Household chores…suggestions?!?