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      Kids with or without money will find a way to do drugs or find money for drugs…..nowadays they’d sell their body for them not that that’s never happened before but children are way more sexually explicit and drugs and sex go together. My point is my kids are not rich but they found money to support their drug habits. My son has sold pot and so has my daughter.
      Keep your child in a positive activity something that helps with self esteem, independence etc during their teen years specially and that should help.

      Elizabeth Farnsworth

      From: Lois
      Sent: Sunday, July 01, 2007 12:42 AM
      Subject: Re: : Re: Explaining to daughter that we don’t have money for this and

      You are right – lack of money and saying no does not mean your child will turn to drugs. Actually – it’s the kids with the money that do the drugs – they have the money to buy them….

      You made the right choice- being home with your kids is more important than being able to give them everything… and they will realize that when they are older and will be grateful for your sacrifice.


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