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      Jessa cut this recipe out of the paper last weekend. We made it yesterday and it was really cool. When the kids and I used to do this when they were little we used a small can inside of the big can instead of a bag.


      mm: kick the can, i scream

      Yield: 2 Servings

      ice cream mixture

      1 c Half and Half
      2 T Sugar
      1/2 t Vanilla


      1 Zipper bag (quart size) Or 1 lb coffee can
      Ice Cubes
      6 T Salt
      2 1/2 lb Coffee Can
      Duct Tape

      Mix the ice cream mixture well and pour into zipper
      bag. Seal the bag and place in the coffee can.

      Layer ice cubes and salt around the bag until the
      can is filled.

      Snap on the coffee can lid and seal with duct tape.

      Lay the can on the ground and start kicking it around.
      Keep kicking for 8-10 minutes.

      Take off the lid and carefully pull out the plastic
      zipper bag. Wipe off the salt with a towel.

      Open the
      bag and eat ice cream that you just made.

      The salt lowered the temperature of the ice and helped
      you freeze the milk mixture. Ice cream must be frozen
      while it is being mixed. That makes it fluffy and
      creamy instead of a solid block of frozen milk.

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