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      My husband is a pharmasist and wears khakis everyday to work. He is

      really hard on them and he likes chocolate and BBQ sauce which

      sometimes ends up on his pants. He works on cars too, most of the time

      he remembers to change into garage pants…Sometimes he goes fishing

      after work and may not change. Really, he usually goes through at least

      6-10 pairs of pants a year, maybe more. His last “batch” was from old

      navy and a couple pairs from Walmart (the ones from Old Navy have a

      hole in them and are work on on the edges, the Walmart khakis seemed to

      have thinned). We need some really heavy duty pants that do not look

      heavy duty and stand up to washings. We bought some early this spring

      and he needs more pants already. He needs shirts too.


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