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      Mama Bear

      I’m a homemaker, a wife and a Mom to two boys. This Summer I’ll be trying my hand at canning and dehydrating foods for the very first time. I’m no stranger to stockpiling as my husband’s job in construction often had lay off periods and a good stockpile was necessary.

      My husband has been laid off from his construction job for almost 3 years now, and as we wait for the economy to take an upturn we are making lemonade out of lemons. We are learning new skills and are doing things we never thought possible, like repairing our own car, or dishwasher. This season I planted my very first container garden, my husband has his own garden with peppers & tomatoes.

      I’m learning how to sew by hand, and am excited about learning how to sew on a machine soon. I started baking my own bread, and want to learn how to make yogurt and my own bar soap. I even learned how to make my own laundry detergent and cleaning supplies over the past 2 years.

      We’ve even thought that some day in the future we just may get some chickens. I’m looking forward to making new friendships here on Budget101 and am excited to learn from and share with you all.

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      Welcome to the Site! We’re canning this year too- I cant wait to try liss salsa recipe she posted. Raising chickens is fun, we have a few now.

      It’s great so see you here 🙂

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      Mama Bear

      Thank Miss Daisy!!!!!

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      Hi Mama Bear!
      Wow! You are doing a lot! I admire you!

      Sounds like you and I have a little bit in common. My hubby has been out of work for a year and a half. I understand how budgeting is such a necessity and how I’ve learned to do without some home comforts…but finding a new sense of confidence with the faith that we are going to get through these times.
      I am new here too.

      I really LOVE this message board! I look forward to meeting many of you.

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      Mama Bear

      Hi Gracey, Yes faith is what we’re hanging on to also. So sorry to hear about your husband being out of work, times are so tough for so many {hugs} I’ve always been frugal but after almost 3 years of DH being laid off I’ve learned how to be Uber frugal. Sometimes it’s not so fun, but we’re trying to make the best of it.

      I’ve found that I’m developing greater self esteem with each new skill I learn, like gardening, or spackling a wall. It’s kind of freeing in a way, I like the idea of being self sufficent.

      I hope to see you on here lots,
      Mama Bear

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Board Rules & Regs Welcome Newbie! Newbie Intro’s Just Thought I’d Introduce Myself