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      The Budget101 home page – has a great listing of
      recipes of things you can make. Your powdered milk may be used like
      any milk (check the label for for how much water to add to use as
      milk) or if your going to use dry, try one of the mixes you can make –
      for example “Cream of Anything” soup.

      I’ve not heard of powdered butter – be sure it is not powdered
      buttermilk. Or there may be directions on the can.

      This is a case of one of those leaks – things in your pantry you
      should know what they are for or they shouldn’t be bought. To cut
      your bill, start looking at what you need, planning your meals from
      that list you’ve already made & not buying anything if possible! How
      many meals could you actually make if you really gave it some thought?
      If you do need to buy something, make sure it’s on a list & only buy
      for what you’ve planned for.

      Good start!!


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