just did 5 week menu plan

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      I finally got my freezer organized and have a current inventory. I sat down and made a 5 week menu plan. Whew!!

      I got my pantry inventory and my calendar so I would know the nights we are busy and need to eat something “easy”. I have a lot of homemade convenience meals in the freezer, and we will use those on busy nights.
      We are strapped for cash right now and I am thankful we have such a stocked pantry and freezer!! I am hoping to keep my grocery bill between 40-50 dollars a week.

      I am including paper goods, cleaning supplies, etc.
      Wish me luck!!

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      good for you, gal! knowing what you have is the key to saving those pennies. no more buying something only to find that you had two behind the ice cream and four lurking behind the oatmeal!

      proud of you, hun-ney

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      wow 5 weeks that is great! I am lucky to do one week at a time I am looking to spend very little too about 25-30 for a family of 3. would you mind sharing your menus?

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      I can share later-I am on my way to a Band Booster Meeting at my dd High School. I would be happy to share.

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      okay-here goes:
      Week 1
      Pork Tenderloin/cranberry relish/brown rice/frozen veggies
      Meatloaf/mashed potatoes/peas
      Angel Hair Pasta/vegetable tomato sauce/salad/bread
      Cabbage & Sausage soup/bran muffins/Fruit
      eat out
      Grilled Flank steak/salad/baked potatoes

      Week 2
      BBQ chicken/Potato salad/ fruit
      Pork Chops/Uncle Ben’s Rice/Spinach
      Breaded Chicken Breasts/Peas & Carrots/Salad
      Eat Out

      Week 3
      Italian Beef on Multi grain rolls/Coleslaw/Fruit
      Eggplant Parmesan/Salad/Bread
      Ham & Lima Beans/Salad/Corn Muffins
      Baked Chicken Thighs/Carrots/Egg Noodles
      Hamburger Vegetable Soup/Relish Dish
      Eat out

      Week 4
      Salsa Pork Burritos/Refried Beans/Guacamole
      bbq chicken pizza/salad
      beef stew/muffins
      penne pasta w/ turkey bolognese/salad/bread
      eat out
      grilled chili dogs/oven fries/coleslaw

      week 5
      Baked Potatoes/ Salad
      Scrambled Eggs/Turkey sausage/Tortillas/Salsa
      Tacos/Pinto Beans/Salsa/
      Chef Salad/Crackers
      Eat Out

      Now, I know this is nothing fancy, but I have been working with what we have on hand. I also put leftovers on days that we won’t have time to cook for whatever reason. If there are no leftovers(a rareity in my house), then we will make a PB& J or something.

      We eat out once a week, and as you can see I planned for those nights also.

      Hope this is helpful!!

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      Thanks for sharing,Is that only dinner?What do you do for breakfast and lunch?I would love to see more sample menus.Do you have a full menu you can share?

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      We pretty much do our own thing for breakfast and lunch. I have oatmeal, cereal, frozen waffles(usually homemade), and eggs on hand and everyone makes their own. My four year old gets hers prepared, of course!

      Lunch is almost always leftovers, with the exception of a sandwich. On Sundays, I usually prepare lunch for everyone. It is usually not planned, but I do keep some frozen foods on hand, such as chicken strips.


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      Thanx for posting I wanted to see what one looked like and I am hoping to be inspired right now I do a 1 week one (sometimes)

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      We are getting close to the end of week 3 and it has been so nice!! I encourage you to try it.

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      Shelly, try Angel Food Ministries. They sell enough food for a family of 4 for a week for $30. You might find it listed under CovenantInternationalministries.

      You still have to buy a few things to finish it out but it is quite a savings. If you need the link then write me and I will send it to you. Nicole

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      Thanks, I already use Angel Food Ministries. I really don’t like the beef, but if the general box has mostly chicken and pork, I buy it. I also buy the chicken strip box when they have it.

      We eat those for lunch on Sundays after church, and the girls eat them for dinner sometimes on leftover nights. I have been buying Angel Food for 3-4 years and think it is an awesome program. What a blessing our host church is!!:angel4:

      Thanks for the information, I hope other see this and look into it.


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      I will have to check into the angel food ministries. I really could use the help there! I am also in the process of starting the feed your family for 200/month thing and I am creating menus as we speak thank you ladies!

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      Just go to angelfoodministries.org and they will have a list of host sites in your area.

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      I did that right after seeing your post. Thank you.

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      grrr… I have only until friday to get my menu for the following two weeks together and I am struggling… I don’t know how to get started…

      we really don’t do much, but I would love to have something put together… thing is, we have to start from scratch on the pantry.. i gave most of our staples away before we moved so they wouldn’t go bad in the move 🙁 any tips?

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      This is great. I try to plan 3 to 4 weeks at a time. You are giving me hope ontrying to push to five

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      I would just plan on basic food until you can get your stockpile together. Make an inventory of all that you have, and see if you can get some meals planned from that. Then, add to your meal plan until it is finished and make your grocery list as you go.

      I try and stick to basics when we are low on food. I would buy some pasta and rice if you don’t have those and uses those as sides and even for a main dish (aka fried rice, spaghetti). Also, I buy frozen vegetables and use those unless fresh is on sale and more affordable.

      A large bag of broccoli and green beans will feed my family for a month of meals!!! Soup would be something I would serve at least twice in these next couple of weeks. Bean soup would be even cheaper (and healthful).
      Good Luck!!!!


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      Thank you so very much… I just needed someone to put into words an easy way to do it. I was kind of starting that last night, but then came time to put the princesses in bed!

      My two year old wanted to stay up all night again! Grrr. Anyway, thanks for the tip!

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Budget Menu & Dirt Cheap Recipes Weekly Menu Plans just did 5 week menu plan