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      Well I am totally tired!! I had to prepare my case today and fight the Lubbock
      appraisal on my home. They were trying to raise the value again on it!!

      how much more taxes can i pay. i am happy to announce that i won!! lol and i
      was able to get the amount lowered less then it was last year!!

      i have been on
      cloud nine all day. (i love it when i save myself money!!)

      then i spent the rest of the evening with my younger sister at the hospital.
      she had an operation on her wrist to help clean up some torn tendons it should
      hope with her rsv. we are hopeful. (prayers welcomed)

      i just finished taking my nap and i am so behind in email!! lol but i wanted
      to check in and let everyone know that i am still alive 🙂
      teresa in texas

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