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      Sunday – breakfast burrito
      Monday – breakfast salad with spinach, artichoke hearts, and blueberries
      Tuesday – Caramel pretzel cashew protein bar and cantaloupe
      Wednesday – cheese Danish and mandarin orange
      Thursday – chocolate-frosted brown sugar Pop Tart and cantaloupe
      Friday – cinnamon raisin toast and mandarin orange
      Saturday – fried egg sandwich on toast
      Total – $3.95


      Triscuit Crackers and Havarti cheese
      Mandarin oranges
      Rice cakes
      Trail mix
      Total — $2.58


      Sunday – leftover bat wings and rice
      Monday – leftover eggplant pasta
      Tuesday – leftover taco casserole
      Wednesday – leftover potato casserole
      Thursday – leftover chicken salad over greens
      Friday – leftover beef and cheese fold over
      Saturday – leftover chicken noodle soup
      Total — $0


      Sunday – Aglio e Olio and salad…$1.40
      Monday – baked honey-glazed pork ribs, rice pilaf, and buttered broccoli…$8.37
      Tuesday – beef and scalloped potato casserole, salad, and mini cake cones…$3.58
      Wednesday – Buffalo wings, hot and spicy corn dip with carrot and celery sticks…$3.96
      Thursday – foil packet shrimp ramen and salad…$9.48
      Friday – fried catfish, rice, fried okra, and oatmeal jam bars…$5.37
      Saturday – Indian lamb curry, buttered noodles, and creamed spinach…7.12
      Total — $39.28

      Total for the week — $45.81

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