June 26-July 2

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      Sunday — Belvita biscuits, grapes, and coffee
      Monday — eggs over easy, toast, and coffee
      Tuesday — cheesy grits, coffee
      Wednesday — pb&j toast, blueberries, and coffee
      Thursday — bagel with cream cheese, coffee
      Friday — pumpkin spice latte and mango slices
      Saturday — breakfast casserole, coffee
      Total — $2.97

      Greek yogurt
      carrot sticks
      cheese sticks
      Total — $8

      Sunday — sloppy Joe
      Monday — chunky chicken salad over greens
      Tuesday — leftover chicken and veggies
      Wednesday — leftover ribs and pasta
      Thursday — veggie burger
      Friday — chicken and pasta salad
      Saturday — fish taco
      Total — $5

      Sunday – honey-butter and cheese biscuit sliders with carrot sticks…$9.96
      Monday – roast chicken and bruschetta…$9.96
      Tuesday – three-cheese chicken penne casserole with spinach…$10
      Wednesday – Santa Fe enchilada casserole…$4
      Thursday – sloppy Joes and salad…$7.96
      Friday – fish tacos…$8
      Saturday – pork roast, black beans, and salad…$12
      Total — $61.88

      Total for the week — $77.85
      smiley-char039 smilie

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