June 19-25

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      Sunday — cheesy grits, coffee
      Monday — pb&j toast, coffee
      Tuesday — apple strudel with caramel topping, coffee
      Wednesday — chocolate pancakes, coffee
      Thursday — soft-boiled eggs, toast, and coffee
      Friday — pigs in a blanket, coffee
      Saturday — chocolate peanut butter protein shake, coffee
      Total — $9.95

      Greek yogurt
      carrot sticks
      cheese sticks
      Total — $7.96

      Sunday — lemon-tarragon chicken and pasta
      Monday — broccoli salad
      Tuesday — Mongolian beef and rice
      Wednesday — fried chicken salad
      Thursday — hamburger with all of the fixins’
      Friday — leftover spaghetti pie
      Saturday — chicken with veggies over rice
      Total — $2.50

      Sunday – parmesan chicken breasts with buttered California blend over rice…$3.96
      Monday – short ribs with rigatoni and tomato sauce over ziti…$5.16
      Tuesday – fish tacos…$6.99
      Wednesday –roasted chicken, stuffing, buttered broccoli, and peanut butter and cracker cookies…$6.99
      Thursday – Boston butt in the crockpot, mashed potatoes, buttered green peas, and Olive Garden breadsticks…$10.49
      Friday – carrot veggie burger with all the fixins’…$5.96
      Saturday – chicken with tomato-basil pasta and California blend…$5.96
      Total — $45.51

      Total for the week — $65.92
      2lbkos0 smilie

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