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      Sunday — grits and eggs, coffee
      Monday — pb&j toast, coffee
      Tuesday — blueberry Danish pastry, coffee
      Wednesday — eggs over easy, toast, coffee
      Thursday — cinnamon rolls, coffee
      Friday — blueberry coffee cake, coffee
      Saturday — blueberry doughnuts, coffee
      Scored a great deal on blueberries! Spent the day making yummy, fattening things to have for breakfast. Hey! If I eat it first thing in the morning, I can burn off the calories right?!!

      Total — $3.50

      Sunday — baked beans and cornbread
      Monday — chicken salad over greens
      Tuesday — chicken and rice
      Wednesday — leftover matzo ball soup
      Thursday — leftover bean burrito salad
      Friday — leftover beef stir-fry
      Saturday — leftover steak sandwich
      Total — $3.50

      Sunday – salmon tacos…$3.96
      Monday – bangers and mash…$7.12
      Tuesday – cheesy stuffed peppers…$2.49
      Wednesday – broiled chicken and slaw…$3.49
      Thursday – beef and sausage meatballs with spaghetti…$7.20
      Friday – cod with cabbage and lentils…$15.92
      Saturday – pork tenderloin, pineapple, and peppers…$6.36
      Total — $46.54

      Total for the week –$53.54

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