June 12-18

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      Sunday — cheesy grits, coffee
      Monday — pb&j toast, coffee
      Tuesday — scrambled eggs, coffee
      Wednesday — Special K, milk, and coffee
      Thursday — veggie omlet, toast, and coffee
      Friday — pigs in a blanket, coffee
      Saturday — chocolate peanut butter shake, apricots, and coffee
      Total — $2.50

      Sunday — pot roast sandwich and salad
      Monday — cat fish salad
      Tuesday — cauliflower soup
      Wednesday — BBQ sandwich
      Thursday — leftober breakfast cobbler
      Friday — steak, cheese, and pepper sandwich
      Saturday — chicken stuffed baked potates with veggies
      Total — $2.50

      Greek yogurt
      cheese sticks
      carrot sticks
      Total — $5

      Sunday – fried chicken thighs, foil-pack steak fries, and salad…$3.96
      Monday – spaghetti pie and garlic bread…$11.96
      Tuesday – crockpot chicken and veggies over rice…$11.96
      Wednesday – broccoli salad…$2.99
      Thursday – London broil, carrot sticks with pineapple dip…$13.96
      Friday – Mongolian beef over rice…$3.49
      Saturday – hamburgers with pomegranate salad…$10.49
      Total — $58.81

      Total for the week — $68.81
      sewing smilie

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