July 31-August 6

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      Sunday — Belvita biscuits, grapes, and coffee
      Monday — Belvita biscuits, strawberries, and coffee
      Tuesday — hard-boiled egg sandwich on toast, coffee
      Wednesday — cheesy grits, coffee
      Thursday — pb&j toast, coffee
      Friday — cherry strudel, coffee
      Saturday — Special K, strawberries, milk, and coffee
      Total — $2.98

      Greek yogurt
      cheese sticks
      Total — $5.97

      Sunday — Tex-Mex chicken
      Monday — meatloaf casserole
      Tuesday — BBQ wings
      Wednesday — broccoli-pasta salad
      Thursday — roasted chicken
      Friday — corn and zucchini casserole
      Saturday — leftover pork roast and veggies
      Totals — $2

      Sunday – shrimp,tomato and bread salad…$11.99
      Monday – crockpot beef with peppers and onions…$11.99
      Tuesday – ribs, boiled potatoes, mixed veggies, and chocolate truffle cake…$7.96
      Wednesday – London broil, salad, and zucchini bread…$11.96
      Thursday – hot dogs with creamed spinach with mushrooms and pecans…$4
      Friday – roasted chicken thighs, pasta, and salad…$3.99
      Saturday – garlic shrimp, roasted potatoes, and California blend…$7.99
      Total — $59.88

      Total for the week — $70.83

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