July 27-Aughust 2

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      This is the week off the salads…surgery on Monday, so I’m enjoying myself;-D I mentioned in other posts that I had prepared taco meat in the freezer, so I decided to yank that out. Since I didn’t portion it up in ‘servings’ I’ll eat Mexican this weekgiggle smileywell, mostly…
      Sunday — tacos and refried beans…$3.87
      Monday — spicy ground pork skillet dinner and steamed okra… $8.37 (this is if I make it home)
      Tuesday — nachos…$1.93
      Wednesday — dirty rice and fried okra…$2.96
      Thursday — taco salad…$.96
      Friday — turkey-neck soup…$2.45
      Saturday — taco quesadillas and salad…

      Total for the week — $22.02
      clock smilie

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