July 26-August 1

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      Sunday — eggs, grits, coffee
      Monday — spicy tofu scramble with cayenne, chili and hot sauce, coffee
      Tuesday — pb&j toast, coffee
      Wednesday — scrambled eggs, coffee
      Thursday — bacon and eggs tofu scramble, coffee
      Friday — tofu and vegetable scramble with spinach, coffee
      Saturday — tofu scramble, coffee
      Total — $3.96

      Sunday — tilapia and rice
      Monday — Mexican chicken and broccoli
      Tuesday — leftover lemon rice
      Wednesday — leftover chicken salad on greens
      Thursday — leftover chicken and green beans
      Friday — leftover steak salad
      Saturday — leftover chicken stir fry
      Total — $2.98

      Sunday – pizza…$7.92 (gotta coupon!)
      Monday – chicken cutlets and salad…$7.96
      Tuesday – steak and salad…$7.96
      Wednesday – salmon, couscous, and salad…$8.99
      Thursday – pasta carbonara…$4.84
      Friday – leek, mushroom, and cheese frittata…$1.49
      Saturday – chicken Milanese and white bean salad…$7.96
      Total — $47.12

      Total for the week — $54.06
      two cents

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      lots of excellent ideas on here…so people not comment on threads very often? I find that off that you would open a page to look and not eveb acknowledge the efforts that the poster took in posting…sorry if this comment is out of line I am new to the board and the last large board I was on, people would always post even a simple thanks. Maybe things are done here differently?

      Either way…thanks looks great and I will be perusing more as I dislike menu planing

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      LOL! Thanks for your comments;-D I think that most people are just kinda shy and/or just don’t know what to say. By the way, all comments — good or bad — are welcome.

      If they are too ‘fiery,’ I’ll delete ’em and send you an email with an explanation.
      Please keep checking in and don’t forget to share your favorites!

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