July 13-19

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      Decided to eat food every other week! LOL!

      Still trying to maintain 1200/day, but I get so bloody tired of salads…even if some of them are ‘warm’ salads;-/
      Sunday — beer brats and cabbage with corn on the cob…$4.35
      Monday — baked chicken thighs, mac and cheese (need some comfort food), and buttered spinach…$5.97
      Tuesday — ground pork with potatoes and carrots…$8.37
      Wednesday — Asian beef noodle toss…$5.02
      Thursday — leftover chicken with gravy (made it Monday, just saved it for this day), rice, and sautéed okra…$4.35
      Friday — crockpot turkey legs, leftover mac and cheese, and leftover cabbage…$2.79
      Saturday — stuffed flounder with spinach and roasted potatoes…$6.99
      Total for the week — $37.84.

      It appears that salad weeks are less expensive…hmmm… I guess a way to look at it is that my food budget overall is reduced from eating ‘regular’ food every day. And as usual, I have lots of good leftovers to have for lunch;-D
      groceries smilie

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