Julia Child’s Boeuf Bourguignon

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      Julia Child’s Boeuf Bourguignon
      6 oz pancetta
      1 tbs olive oil
      3 lb chuck roast
      1 onion, sliced
      1 tsp salt
      1/4 tsp pepper
      2 tbs flour
      3 cups red wine
      2 to 3 cups beef stock, homemade or packaged
      1 tbs tomato paste
      2 cloves garlic, mashed
      1/2 tsp thyme
      1 bay leaf
      1/2 lb baby carrots
      1 pkg frozen pearl onions
      3 tbs unsalted butter
      1 lb mushrooms, quartered
      Garnish: chopped parsley
      Preheat oven to 450°.
      Cut the chuck roast into 2-inch cubes, and pat them very dry with paper towels.
      Cut the pancetta into batons 1-1/2-inches long by 1/4-inch thick.

      Heat the olive oil in a large heavy-bottomed pot or Dutch oven over medium heat. When the oil shimmers, add the pancetta, and brown until crisp. Remove the pancetta batons with a slotted spoon, and drain them on a plate lined with paper towels.
      Brown the beef in batches — this helps to brown the meat evenly — and transfer them to the plate with the pancetta.
      Add the sliced onion to the pot, and sauté, until light golden brown.

      Put the beef and pancetta back into the pot, and sprinkle them with salt and pepper. Toss to combine.
      Sprinkle the flour over the beef, and put the pot into the oven for 4 min. Toss the beef again, and return the pot to the oven for another 4 minutes.

      This step allows the flour to toast and removes its floury taste.
      Take the pot out of the oven, and reduce the temperature to 325°. Pour the wine and beef stock into the pot, stirring up browned bits. Stir in the tomato paste, garlic, thyme and bay leaf, then add the baby carrots.

      Cover the pot, and return it to the oven for 2-1/2 to 3 hours, until can easily pierce the beef with a fork.
      While the beef braises, melt 1 tbs of butter in a sauté pan, and add the frozen pearl onions. Cover, and simmer over low heat for 7 min. Remove the cover, and simmer until the liquid evaporates, about 5 minutes.

      You want the onions to be golden yet hold their shape.
      Divide the mushrooms in two. Melt 2 tbs butter over medium heat, and a sauté pan and add 1/2 of the mushrooms. Sauté them until browned. Transfer the mushrooms to a plate, and brown the rest of the mushrooms.
      Set a large sieve over a large saucepan.

      Pour the contents of the pot through the sieve, then return the beef to the pot. Distribute the mushrooms and pearl onions over the meats.
      Simmer the sauce in the large saucepan for 2 min, skimming off any fat that rises to the surface. Increase the heat, and let the sauce come to a slow boil for 5 min.

      The sauce should thicken and coat a spoon. Can cook the sauce a little longer to get the desired consistency.
      Pour the sauce over the beef, and baste the meats, keeping the heat low, for 3 min. Can serve the boeuf Bourguignon now, or let it cool, refrigerate, then slowly re-warm the next day.

      Serves 6
      beaverhug smilie

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Budget Menu & Dirt Cheap Recipes Mixes~MYO~Copycat~Etc Julia Child’s Boeuf Bourguignon