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      For the Jet Dry Alternative Watkins brand dry dishwashing detergent =

      I know this is an answer to an old post from 2006 I found a google search but still felt the need to correct a wrongly given website

      It was a website for Bill Porter, the now famous, Independent Walkins Associate.

      The correct website for him is :great:

      that will take you to his Walkins Website. This man is now 75 or 76 years old and still selling Watlkins Products.

      the website given before was for the corporate site only and nothing bought there gave credit to Mr. Porter. Like many others, I only buy my products to support him. He can no longer walk door to door and makes all his sales via his website on calling his loyal customers.

      This guy has been a real inspiration to me.

      So go look at his site for this great Jet Dry Alternative

      Thanks Maxine :wave:

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