January 1-7

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      It’s been a long time since I posted menues…but I’ve been working out an eating plan…I gotta lose some weight!
      Sunday — Belvita biscuits, blackberries, and coffee
      Monday — hard-boiled eggs, blueberries, and coffee
      Tuesday — oatmeal with blackberries, and coffee
      Wednesday — pb&j toast, blueberries, and coffee
      Thursday — crockpot casserole, coffee
      Friday — skillet breakfast with eggs and bacon, coffee
      Saturday — country breakfast skillet
      Total — $6.93

      Sunday — bacon, egg, and turkey sandwich
      Monday — vegetable quiche
      Tuesday — zucchini and noodles
      Wednesday — beef and green beans
      Thursday — chunky chicken salad over greens
      Friday — cobb salad with chicken
      Saturday — lima beans with pork
      Total — $8.95

      Sunday – baked ham with peach-mustard glaze and salad…$23.96
      Monday – Tex-Mex chicken skillet…$7.16
      Tuesday – chili-cheese hot dogs and coleslaw…$2.99
      Wednesday – roasted veggie dinner…$2
      Thursday – German potato casserole and salad…$5.49
      Friday – pecan waffles and cheese omelet…$2.49
      Saturday – guacamole-sweet potato bites and salad…$3
      Total — $47.09

      Total for the week — $62.97

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