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      > I don’t know if this holds anywhere else but there’s an
      > Italian deli near me that sells basic produce cheaper than the
      grocery store by me. The drawback is the prepared food
      > and cheese is higher at the deli
      > Cheri

      It’s the opposite here! I use our Italian Deli for a great price
      break on cheese and coldcuts. For example, a lb of parm or romano at
      our grocery stores is 4.99 to 7.99 a lb, even on sale it might go to
      3.99. Our Italian Deli has it all the time for $2.99 a lb. Our
      deli also does alot of sales where deli ham and turkey are buy a 1/2
      lb, get one free, and the price is lower than the grocery store to
      begin with.

      Always worth checking out all the Mom&Pop places; it appear to vary
      widely by region.

      All the best,

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