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      I have a window like that where I work, too. I just use a razor blade and scrape it off. Doesn’t hurt the glass and does a great job.


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      From: enjoycooking1952
      Date: 6/3/2008 8:18:49 AM
      Subject: : ISO removing tape

      First, I want to say how much I’m enjoying this group.Getting all
      those various tips and recipes.I also feel comfortable if I have a
      question that someone might know the answer and I do not feel out of
      sorts if I ask.Thanks to all of you !

      I work part time over the weekend at a deli near me.He has plexiglass
      surrounding the work area where he has tapes signs and removed them.
      Now, there is the outline of the scotch tape.I was wondering what I
      can use to remove it.

      Thanks for letting me join your group ! !


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