ISO-Recipe for Yogurt

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      I don’t know about making yogurt with soy milk but I do make it with

      skim milk. Instead of buying the dry cultures you can use plain

      yogurt that you buy from the grocery store. I use one quart of

      plain yogurt to one gallon of skim milk.

      I have an eight quart pressure cooker pot with a heavy bottom that I

      use to Slowly bring up the milk to 140 degrees. Then submerge the

      pot in a sink of ice water and bring the temp down to about 110

      degrees. Stir your yogurt with a fork to break it up and then pour

      it into the pot of milk. Ladle the mixture into containers (I use

      the old yogurt containers).

      I have an old cooler that I lay a dishtowel in the bottom so it

      doesn’t get too warm the I lay a heating pad set on med in the bottom

      of the cooler and place the containers of yogurt on top. I have an

      old candy thermometer on top of the containers and keep the

      temperature above 100 degrees. Leave it alone for a minimum of 4

      hours or overnight and you will have fresh, warm yogurt.

      I hope this helps someone.


      — In, “Samantha”



      > Hi All…I am looking for recipe to make homemade soy yogurt. Also

      > where do you buy the dry live cultures to mix with the soy milk? If


      > one has some recipe’s send them my way. Thank you.

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