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      Before I married my husband, his mom bought him an ice cream cake for

      his birthday every year. Once we were married and I saw the price of

      an ice cream cake…yikes! I found a recipe for a mint chocolate ice

      cream cake (my hubby’s favorite flavor) in Woman’s World magazine and

      gave it a try. Hubby said it was better than any store bought ice

      cream cake. So, he gets it for his birthday, Valentine’s Day,

      Father’s Day, and whatever other days he can think of a reason to

      celebrate. He just loves it. You can tweak the recipe for whatever

      flavor you wnat it to be. Also, I don’t have the actual recipe in

      front of me. The original recipe was a made from scratch cake, but I

      use store bought now and it’s just as good.

      You need 3 round cake pans (the same size). Let a half gallon of ice

      cream soften. Criss cross two pieces of wax paper across one of the

      pans and pushinto the bottom. Fill this one with the softened ice

      cream and freeze. The wax paper makes the ice cream easy to lift out

      after it’s frozen.

      Make your cake in the other two pans. I use a deviled food cake mix

      and I crush up a bag of mini oreo cookies (leave about a dozen whole

      ones out for top of cake) and add them to the batter. I also add a

      cup of chocolate chips to the batter as well, so it is a triple

      chocolate cake. Once the cake is baked and cooled, you place one cake

      round on your cake plate, top with the ice cream, and then the other

      cake. I then take a white frosting and add green tint plus some mint

      extract. Frost the cake and decorate the top with the remaining mini

      oreos (or andes candies). If the ice cream part of the cake is hard

      to frost, just roll the ice cream in chocolate sprinkles before

      putting between the two cakes. It looks and tastes good!

      Lorraine in GA

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      > Hi Everyone,


      > We will be celebrating my son’s 7th birthday this weekend and he

      > really wants an ice cream cake for it. They are pretty expensive

      > especially to feed everyone. My husband and I have 5 kids, I have 7

      > siblings plus they have spouses and kids. My husband has 1 sister

      > plus her husband and 2 kids not counting grandparents. And it never

      > fails the neighborhood kids end up at my house also. Plus you never

      > know unexpected guests always seem to show up on days you would

      > rather they don’t come over.LOL.


      > But I was thinking of making one but don’t want to ruin it on his

      > special day. I would think maybe soften some ice cream, spread it,

      > crumble a cake over it, add more soft ice cream but how would you


      > the frosting?


      > Any recipes or other good ideas for the party please let me know we

      > are open to any and all suggestions.


      > Thank You Very Much

      > Christine


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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List ISO Homemade ice cream cake recipe