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      I was wondering if anyone has any remedies, salves or whatever for arthritis pain. My hands hurt to the point where I can’t use them all that well and would try any ideas that might help.



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      Melissa Burnell

      Depending on the degree of arthritis there are several that I would recommend:

      1. Soaking the affected area (hands/feet) in very warm water with 1 cup epsom salts 8-10 drops juniper essential oil. If you’re doing a full body soak, double the amount of both salts and oil. Juniper is well known for reducing arthritic pain.

      2. If the pain is frequently brought on by changes in the weather, I recommend taking Curamin on a daily basis. I was run over by a careless jetskier and it ripped my leg and knee apart years ago. When the barometric pressure changes, I get knee pain. Curamin relieves this instantly without side effects. Btw, you can frequently get samples of this from their website, you’ll know within 20 minute of taking a single dose if it’s it will work well for you.

      3. Old timers swear by Golden Raisins soaked in gin, eat 3 per day. This has got to be the oldest home remedy I know and there are literally thousands of people who swear by it. You take a mason jar, add Golden Raisins, pour enough gin over the top to cover them. Let them set several days, add more gin as needed, they will “plump”. I know of a fellow in town that thinks this recipe is Gold. It’s not one that I’ve tried myself.

      4. Cayenne Pepper Capsules– this one is assuming that you’re not on medications/blood thinners. You can take 2 (40,000 HU) capsules which will relieve arthritis pain almost immediately as well. They MUST be taken with food and NEVER with coffee or carbonated beverages of ANY kind, otherwise, it feels like your chest will explode… don’t ask how I learned that.

      Cayenne Pepper contains Capsaicin which reduces stomach acide, serves as an anti-inflammatory and works amazingly for pain relief of all kinds, particularly arthritis.

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      Hi Summer,

      I have the same problem as you. Hands ache something terrible. I asked the Dr. she said to try warm water – That did not really help.
      I have been putting on Voltaren cream and it helps some.

      Hope this helps a bit!

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      I agree with Liss on the Juniper oil, I use it for my arthritis and it works wonderfully for me.

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      I’ve never heard of this one, lol! Maybe, I’ll finally have a way to use up that bottle of (top shelf) gin, & even be able to say ‘it’s for medicinal purposes’.

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      Gonna make some of these for my grandmother, she usually orders some creams off the internet.

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      The golden rasins and gin, what do you do after you soak them? Do you eat them, drink the gin, mash them up and rub it on? I will try anything for my arthritis!

      Please and thank you! Also Liss what website is it for Curamin. I googled it and a ton of different websites came up for it.

      I would love a free sample.

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