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      i love buying generics that are really made by a brand company.

      does anyone know if drano makes a generic for a company? if so please tell me i live in pa so a pa company would be great.

      when i worked at wegmans the following where brands making stuff for wegmans:

      wegmans shredded cheese –sargento
      wegmans ice cream – perry’s ice cream
      wegmans ketchup – heinz
      wegmans oatmeal – quaker


      walmart flavor pack oatmeal — quaker (even found brand packets in the walmart box one time)
      walmart peanut butter –peter pan

      these are all the ones that i know of i really like knowing these things about brand and generic and almost wish there was a section on here just for this type of discusion.

      so let me know if you know of any i would use the info. thank you all in advance

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      Usually, in my experience, foods are often the same. For example I once watched a special on tv that showed a Vitamin factory producing vitamins for sale. They literally used the very same vitamins marketed to an expensive label as the ones marketed for sale at big box stores. We watched them as the filled the bottle and applied different labels. One brand (same vits!) was $48 a bottle, the generic label was $5.12 a bottle.

      However, it has been my experience that this does not work with generic cleaners & detergents. The generic brand is generally just a watered down version if its more expensive counterpart.

      Here are the main ingredients in Draino (Max Gel formula)
      *Sodium Hydroxide
      *Sodium Hypo chlorite
      *Sodium Silicate, and Surfactants
      ***Contains no Phosphorus***

      If you wanted to find a “generic” version, these are the main ingredients that you would search for.

      If you wanted to make your own Natural Drain Clog Remover, here’s a recipe:

      MYO Drain Cleaner

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      I have found that baking soda and vinegar works the best for the clogs! Way cheaper and items that I have on hand all of the time so whenever there is a clog I can deal with it right away and no nasty chemicals to have to worry about.

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Product Opinions & Questions ISO: drano made under a generic name