Is this Spam?? Free $1000 Walmart Gift Card

Free Stuff ~Coupons Galore ~ Hot Deals Chatter Is this Spam?? Free $1000 Walmart Gift Card

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      https:// freebotious . com / SplashPage

      I received 3 of these emails, it seems suspicious to me… especially since the bottom says that by clicking you are authorizing them to spam mail you?

      Anyone actually tried it?

      just a note This link has been truncated to prevent users from clicking on it. We believe this site is complete and utter CRAP & don’t want to promote the spam that you are bound to receive.

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      Yes it is spam, you have to send for all this stuff then never get anything out of it exept for a ton of emails on how you can get awhole lot more of nothing.

      **Note: I removed part of the link above-it will not open correctly now, but when I first clicked on the link it showed your full email account 🙂

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      wow! thanks for that!! I didnt mean for that to happen.

      and glad I didnt hit submit either. I get enough spam as is.

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      No problem, would have hated for someone to have hit the submit :).
      I know I get enough spam without asking for more.
      If it sounds to good to be true 9 times out of 10 it is a dud.

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      Yeah, I got the same email, just deleted it.

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      These responses are Totally Wrong! I can assure you that the offer is real — I’ve received the $1000. Sure, it’s not as easy as advertised.

      Yes, you’ll get spammed. So What?! Ever hear of an alternate email account (free from many sources, such as Yahoo)?

      With a bit of knowledge, care and prudence, this offer can easily net you something like $850.00 for just an inconvenience of time and accepting several offers (some of which are nice, like Gevalia coffee!).

      just a note UnPaid Ebay Ad Removed

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      It’s not that it’s really spam so much as it’s a scam. Type in the real WalMart website and click on “Help” and then select Security and Privacy. From there you can look at fraud alerts.

      It’s one of those things – if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is! 🙂

Viewing 6 reply threads
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Free Stuff ~Coupons Galore ~ Hot Deals Chatter Is this Spam?? Free $1000 Walmart Gift Card