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      I don’t know how old the baby is, but the proteins in cow’s
      milk are very hard for a human to digest under 9 months old. I am a
      medical professional and have seen many infants in the hospital with
      gastrointestinal problems because they couldn’t break down the cow’s
      milk and instead vomited it up. Human milk is best. It is so
      superior to any kind of formula it is does not even come close!

      It is not
      just an opinion, it has been well studied and documented. If for some unfortunate
      reason you are unable to breast feed the next best thing would be formula
      because usually the cow’s milk proteins have been broken down or
      pretreated and the proper supplements that your baby needs usually have been
      added. This is not an area that I would try to cut back on…Hoping
      not to offend anyone here, just telling the medical truth.

      Good Luck to
      you and the baby!

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