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      I was given the Carnation Milk/ Kayro Syrup homemade formula in 1959 and I

      turned out fine. My husband also had that samething and he turned out just fine.

      Here is an article I found.

      [edit] Evaporated milk formulas

      In the 1920s and 1930s, evaporated milk began to be widely commercially

      available at low prices, and several clinical studies suggested that babies fed

      evaporated milk formula thrive as well as breastfed babies[4][15] (these

      findings are not supported by modern research.) These studies, accompanied by

      the affordable price of evaporated milk and the availability of the home icebox

      initiated a tremendous rise in the use of evaporated milk formulas.[13] By the

      late 1930s, the use of evaporated milk formulas in the United States surpassed

      all commercial formulas, and by 1950 over half of all babies in the United

      States were reared on such formulas.[4]

      The problem I have with consulting the Pediatrician is that they keep changing

      the opfficial recommendation every few years. At one time( my youngest brother)

      they recommended feeding babies baby cereal at 6 weeks old. When my oldest son

      was born they recommended forumula and not necessarily any food untill one year.

      A few years later the recommendation was no food untill 6 months old. Then it

      was no food untill 4 months old. Guess What? The babies that had Evaporated milk

      formulas turned out ok, the commercial formula babies turned out ok, the babies

      that ate cereal at 6 weeks turned out OK & the ones that ate at 4 months turrned

      out OK. I no longer see the Dr as the high and mightly infallible expert.


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      Subject: Re: : Is there such a thing as MYO Baby Formula?

      I would definitely have a discussion with your pediatrician before

      switching to a homemade formula. Today’s formulas are as about as close to the

      real thing as you can get — you’ll have a hard time replicating everything

      that’s in them.

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