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      I completely agree with Stephanie and Suzanne. Please do not try to do

      it yourself except in some extreme emergency (trapped in


      Two of ours are adopted. Although I was able to do some “cpmlementary

      nursing” with one of those two, here are some things we did to make it

      “closer to the real thing.” Perhaps they will help you.

      1) held baby right next to me in “nursing” position, even switched sides!

      2) refused to leave bottle in church nursery – ladies had to come get

      me, same as nursing moms (we figured those 2 babies needed to see mom

      as often as bio-babies did!)

      3) seriously limited time away from baby (took with) just as if baby

      depended on me for nourishment (see #2)

      4) here’s the really radical one — when at home, I even would hold

      baby next to my skin to feed, and we limited others feeding baby –

      almost always mom (same idea as #2)

      It’s been quite a while since I wrote these up, (younger of those 2

      boys is now nearly 20 — but I think that’s it. PS: They’re each 6’1″

      and about 200# of lean muscle. One is an MP/Iraq vet, the other is in

      the process of enlisting.

      Best Wishes,



      > We understand much more now about the nutrients that babies need,

      which is ideally in breast milk, and reproduced as best as possible in

      formula. Many of these nutrients are not in powdered milk and kyro

      syrup, so I would definitely discuss it with your baby’s pediatrician

      before changing what the baby eats.


      > Suzanne


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