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      There are lots of “models” of ironing boards.

      I personally have 2.

      One is the standard freestanding. I received it as a wedding gift 33 years

      ago. It still works fine. I have seen this type at stores like Walmart,

      Target, etc.

      The other one I have is smaller. It’s in a cabinet, built into the wall. I

      love this one. It has an outlet in the cabinet. I can store the iron in

      there also. It is mounted between 2 studs in the wall. I have this one in my

      laundry/sewing room. It’s very convenient. I purchased this at Home Depot.

      I actually use both. I do use the smaller one more often. It’s simply more


      Now, if we want to get into the discussion about irons..that’s a whole ball

      of wax in itself. 🙂



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      Subject: : ironing board

      This may sound stupid but can anyone tell me a good sturdy ironing board

      and where I could purchase it? Louise

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