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      Just did a partial inventory of food. I have this huge green Rubbermaid

      container that I store some stuff in — and its so full the lid barely stays

      on. I have boxes under the bed also, on a shelf, in a corner, in the

      closet… So below is a list of what’s lurking in the various places. A

      lot of this stuff was given to me unless otherwise noted.

      42 pounds pinto beans

      3 pounds small navy beans (bought)

      5 pounds red kidney beans (bought)

      35 pounds farina cereal aka cream of wheat

      30 pounds white rice

      26 gallons worth of powdered milk

      75 cans of milk (48 bought, the rest given)

      5 pounds popcorn (bought)

      45 pounds various pasta

      13 cans pumpkin

      24 cans cranberry sauce

      25 cans tuna (bought)

      16 cans spaghetti sauce

      6 cans tomato sauce

      6 cans diced tomatos

      5 cans tomato juice 46 ounce

      5 pounds brown rice (bought)

      Ok that’s just the stuff I inventoried tonight. From memory, the other

      things I have on hand are listed below. This is NOT counting stuff in the

      kitchen either. This stuff is mostly stuff I paid for unless otherwise


      20 cans campbells chunky soup

      18 cake mixes

      7 frostings

      22 boxes cold cereal

      25 pounds salt

      20 pounds flour

      2 cans pineapple — 20 ounce

      2 boxes mac and cheese

      5 cans corn

      #10 can of tomato paste

      #10 can of pinto beans, plain

      4 cans black beans, plain

      2-3 cans of other beans, plain

      1 can baked beans

      2 bottles bbq sauce

      1 bottle Lowry’s lemon pepper marinade

      12 or so cans of stuff I cant remember without looking, and too tired to go

      look right this minute.

      Haven’t done inventory of the fridge or freezers, but have a pretty good

      idea whets in there.

      1 whole ham

      3 pounds pork chops

      6 pounds bulk sausage

      4 pounds breakfast sausages

      4 pounds or so of cooked ham, ready to be used in something

      15 or so pounds of frozen veggies

      1 pound bacon

      about 12 pounds chicken breasts

      5 dozen eggs

      4-5 cans fruit/applesauce

      10 pounds onions

      2 pound jar of garlic almost full

      various condiments and spices

      1 can grape juice 46 ounce

      1 quart oil

      The reason I’m sharing you ask? Well you didn’t, but I’ll share the reason

      anyways. I obviously have an abundance of beans, pasta, rice, cereal,

      powdered milk, canned milk on hand. The cereal and milk is obvious as to

      what to do to use it up.

      What I’m hoping you all can do is share with me any of your favorite recipes

      for beans, rice, and pasta. I love beans cooked with onions and garlic, but

      would like more variety. I love spaghetti but am hoping for other pasta

      related recipes using the other things I have on hand.

      So help me please??

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