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      hi rachel u can read miserly moms. it is a good book. plus this group is
      great. u will get all kinds of ideas.

      to help u. U can call or go on the
      website of ur electric company and they should havea consumer section with
      information on their site for an energysaving program. I live in ny and we have
      and a few other programs. if u have any materials at home or when u go to
      walmart or other store that has fabric see what is on sale and u can make
      table cloth,pillow cases, if they have fleece on sale or at a good price u
      can make a throw blanket.

      U can make baby blankets and receiving blankets for
      the baby. u will be able to make a play blanket and sew some toys on to it.
      if u grow a garden u will have fresh veggies on hand but either way u can make
      baby food for the baby when the time comes. You can work from home if u like
      by making flyers or going to neighbors and friends letting them know u can
      babysit, cook,clean for them, iron do some laundry run errand things like that
      if u can bake that would be great depend on what part of tx u leave u can
      bake and hold a bake sale from ur house also.

      I hope this is helpful to u if u
      need anymore ideas or help with anything else u can email me or im me on
      yahoo. screen name is Janda719699


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