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      Yea. We have just recently started with the application. For anyone who

      needs it we found a nationawide program for kids, svp. its a vision

      plan. i found it on the internet and it referred me back to my kids

      school. we asked the nurse about it and since we get free lunches she

      said we quilified. it covered several area eye doctors. she went in for

      the eye exam. cost to us nothing. we went next door and picked out her

      frames and she got the transition lenses and scratch proof, all that

      stuff. our cost nothing. savings of ove $400.00.

      I could not believe

      this They cover children under 18 from low income families and its

      supposed to run nationwide. So anyone who needs glasses for their kids

      but is having difficulty this is a good thing. I will try to find the

      link again and post it eher for you folks.

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      > Do you have your kids in CHIPs?

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