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      Do you have your kids in chips? it is the tx insurance for kids when the parents can’t afford insurance (i live in houston, but don’t qualify – but know it is available for those that do).

      Also, can you see if Concerta is on the list, and get your Dr to prescribe it if it is? It is timed release Ritalin, if it is, that is great, then he will need only 1 dose a day, rather then 2 or 3(my son also is adhd).

      Also, see about Angel food ministries.

      They do have a bunch of fried food in the box, but it is a big box of food (or so I have heard) for $25. Search the archives for the website to find a place that distributes it.

      From: [] On Behalf Of Terri
      Sent: Saturday, January 12, 2008 10:36 AM
      Subject: : Introduction

      My name is Terri. I love in the DFW area of Texas. I am divorced and have two children that I work hard to support.

      My girl is 11 and my boy is 9. My boy is adhd. I cant afford Ins on my kids but I get them what they need. I am looking for ideas for meals and saving.

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