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      Terri, Does you state have a children’s insurance program you can apply for? I know some state’s have that. My youngest daughter has adhd, sensory processing disorder, tourette’s, non verbal learning disability, and anxiety disorder and dypraxia.

      my oldest daughter we are having tested for add and dyslexia. and i myself take lexapro for pmdd. so i understand what you are going through.

      the gals here are pros at saving money on groceries………i am just learning. i have found that if i go to the websites of my areas grocery stores and find out what is on sale, and print it out then i am way ahead. i saved $65.00 off my grocery order yesterday by shopping sales and using coupons.

      It does take some time and effort, but well worth it. I’ve decided that if I don’t have a coupon, or it’s not on sale I am not buying it anymore unless it’s something like Milk.
      Although my store has the buy 6 gals of milk, get one free program. I am hoping to be able to achieve the kind of savings some of the gals her do on groceries…….they are truly awesome at it, and have it down to a science.

      The other thing is have you heard of Angel Food Ministries? You can order food through them. You spend $30 and get at least double that in groceries (mostly meat).

      Anybody qualifies, you do not have to be under a certain amount of income to qualify. Not every state has it, but you can check and see if Texas does. Kelly

      Terri wrote: Ive been posting a few things here and there and reading as many
      posts as I possibly can and thought I would take a minute and
      introduce myself. My name is Terri. I love in the DFW area of Texas.
      I am divorced and have two children that I work hard to support.

      girl is 11 and my boy is 9. She is talanted and gifted so that means
      shes 11 going on 15 and has an attitude to match. My boy is ADHD with
      dyslexia and thats probably pretty self explanatory.

      Two kids at two
      extremes. I do get child support. Dad hasnt seen them in about 6 yrs
      but he sends Christmas and birthday.

      Hes an alcoholic. My daughter
      and I both suffer from anxiety and depression. I live in the house I
      grew up in and without too much detail have been
      recently disowned by
      my own mother and my dad follows her strong will.

      I have one terrific
      brother who I love dearly. He has a terrific job working with
      computers. An example of what he does: All those cool tvs they put
      into walmart at the counters etc., to give you something to watch
      while waiting in line…he helped to set up and configure all that.
      He used to make trips to the 84th floor of the twin towers to help
      Cantor and Fitzgerald every few years.

      Ive had a difficult time
      financiallly, especially the past 6 months or so and when your mother
      disowns you instead of offering some sort of parental support it
      hurts. I cant afford Ins on my kids but I get them what they need.
      They eat before I do. I went very much in the hole and am trying
      deperately to get back on track.

      Im tired of Ramen noodles and
      spaghetti. I keep in my cabinets only what we need. The barest of
      food and essentials.

      We do eat out sometimes. I
      can buy a Ready to go
      pizza at Little Ceasars for $5.00 for a large cheese or pepperoni.
      THat less than most Red Barons are and its cooked and fresh. I make a
      great and simple potato soup…
      I am looking for ideas for meals and saving,,,Ive found some great
      ideas already.

      I did find a program that will pay for a childs eye
      glasses. My daughter broke hers and we didnt have the money to go in.
      We found a program that referred me back to her school and since we
      get free lunches we qualified. They paid the entire amount fo my
      daughters glasses!!

      $420.00!! They allowed her to get transition
      lenses and scratch proof, etc. I would love to use coupons they way
      some of you guys do.

      All three of us have to see a psych for all of
      our medications. Mine is paxil. $4.00 at Walmart, My sons is Ritalin
      which has just recently been put on the $4.00 list and my daughters
      is Zoloft-not on the $4.00 list but I have fopund that with some
      you can request a bigger dosage pill if its scored to break in half
      and you can actually save a few dollars that way, so instead of
      getting 25 mil, I ask for 50 mil and break them in half.

      Now Target
      has the $4.00 list and Walgreens says they will meet the price even
      though they dont have the list.
      Im here and eager to learn…
      Thanks for all the ideas so far.

      Never miss a thing. Make Yahoo your homepage.

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