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      My name is Carlena and my DH is Jessie. We’ve been together 7.5 years

      and together we have 5 children. His 8yr old twin boys live in germany

      with his ex-wife so we never get to see them, but $ wise they are still

      involved, I wish we could see them though. I also brought 2 children

      into our relationship. My DD Shelby is 10.5yrs old and my DS#1 Mason is

      8.5 yrs old with a tbi. (took a tumble down a flight of stairs at our

      apartment complex and sustained a tbi 4 yrs ago come christmas.) And

      then 2yrs ago this summer we had David who is 21 months and a pistol. 😉

      dh works for the bnsf railroad and is gone all week long. i am a sahm

      which i now really enjoy. this past year i started taking care of a few

      neighbor kids and found that i really enjoy that too. who knew! but

      whether i decide to go thru having a daycare business or not, we need

      to live more frugally then we do. but neither of us are really good at

      doing that. so i decieded to join a board or two that do, so that i can

      learn from people that are. 🙂

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