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      Howdy folks,

      I have now been on this email group for a little while and have

      decided to keep it. I have not written an introduction yet, so here

      it is:

      My name is Jay Murphy and I am a nurse. Specifically I am a

      registered nurse (rn) in an emergency department (ed). i live in

      norco, california. for those who are not familiar with california;

      norco is in the southern part of california between los angeles, and

      san diego, located at the interchange between the 91 freeway and the

      15 freeway. Norco is officially known as “horsetown, usa,” we have no

      sidewalks, and all of our houses have horse trials instead. by law,

      each home must have at least ¼ acre of land in order to support at

      least one horse. it is said that in the old town of norco area, there

      are more horses than there are people. each and every day we get to

      wake up to the smell and sound of horses, goats, chickens, mules, and

      other critters while officially in a city and not a rural area. i

      can’t think of a better place to live than here with the mild climate

      (winter is at about 20-40 degrees at night with the days around 60 —

      80 degrees.) Summer on the other hand is quite hot topping out at 112

      degrees last September.

      As all of us do, I have had some difficulty with finances of late and

      made a commitment this year to reduce the outgo and increase the

      income in order to give my life a little breathing room financially.

      This email group is part of my commitment to save money. With

      coupons, rebates, discounts, and freecycling I hope this can be a

      better year. I am also looking for additional work at home stuff to

      see if I can make any decent money that way too. I read the article

      written recently and may be trying out some of them, but if anyone has

      any actual knowledge and experience, I would be truly grateful for the


      I am using MyPoints, and NetWinner right now and have had good

      experiences with the former, none so far with the latter.

      I am about 40 years old, married, with no children. (Yup, I am a

      D.I.N.K.) Instead of children we have pets. Officially we have two

      dogs, two cats, three horses, one goat, one duck, one peahen, two

      cockatiels, to parakeets, a dozen fish (gold), and about 40 or so

      chickens. Unofficially we also have a skunk, a gopher snake, a king

      snake, a raccoon, and various other critters too. (Wife’s official

      rule: If it enters our property alive or is on our property at all,

      it is a pet and we can’t eat it.) 

      I do have lots of nieces and nephews that love to come over from the

      actual city to see these very rare creatures we have as pets. Some

      are even learning to ride them.

      I love to pass out advice myself, especially if it has to do with

      critters. So feel free to ask if you have any questions.

      Jay Murphy

      Twisted Hearts Ranch

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