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      Hi! I posted this on another group. I was talking to some people about

      these heaters and they said they were great. One man hada house with

      great room with 24 foot ceiling in it. They used wood heat and these

      and said it worked great. It kept the heat even through room, which, is

      surprizing with those ceilings. He told me , if I couldn’t afford one

      to call the eden Pure Company and ask about refurbished ones. I did the

      small one is around $129 and the big is $198 , but the woman said they

      don’t have any big ones now and don’t know if will soon. web plan on

      gettting a small ne as our apartment is hard to heat,between 500-700

      square feet, closer tro the 550 , but our highest electric bill ran,

      $159.84 last year in Feb. , using over 2,250 khw.It wasn’t even warm ,

      I had 3 rooms shut off, there are 5 total, like 12×12 each and it

      wasn’t above65 anytime, our bedroom actually was 40-50 degrres most

      time.That was with only a 6 foot basebord heater, 3 foot basebord

      heater and 1 oil filled one. We had plastic on the windows too. I’m

      going to put the sheets of foam insulation that is about 1/2 to 1 inch

      thick over windows this year. We can’t afford that kind of heat bill

      and not even be warm. Here are 3 good electric sites. 1)




      These have calculators to actually plug in your electric you pay and

      the khw hours to give pretty acurate suggestions Blessings to all, lisa

      > I don’t know if this was recently discussed or not, if so, shut me

      > up. But I am looking at purchasing either a Sun Cloud or Eden Pure

      > Infrared Heater.

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