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      A Long List Of Phone-In Freebies (Baby, Health & Beauty, Pets)

      Baby Products & Coupons

      (800) 222-9546 Baby Formula (What Kind ?????)

      1-800-344-1358 Free $5 Rebate on a Case of “Babymil” or “Babysoy”


      1-866-844-2798 Balmax Coupons [Verified 8.3.2007] Live operator.

      1-800-523-6633 OR 1-800-233-2468 Free Beech-Nut “New Parent Pack”

      with Baby Food Coupons [Verified 8.3.2007] Live operator.

      8.10.2007 A booklet& some cents off coupons.

      1-800-547-9400 Free Carnation Baby Formula Coupons and Free Magazine


      1-800-543-3112 Free Carnation Baby Formula Coupons and Booklet

      1-800-242-5200 Free Carnation Follow-Up Formula Coupons and Booklet

      1-800-506-4636 Chilproofing Kit For Window Blinds [Verified 8.3.2007]

      Automated. They send cord stops, tie down devices & tassels.

      1-800-588-6377 X508 Free Cord Blood Banking Kit – Posters, Videos,

      Booklets, Stickers

      1-800-434-4246 Earth’s Best “Mommy Pack” [Verified 8.3.2007] Live

      operator, very nice! Pack includes coupons, cereal and personal care


      1-800-356-2229 Free Evenflo Product Coupons, Booklets and Information

      1-800-422-2902 Enfamil/Bristol Myers

      1-800-533-6708 The 1st years product coupons

      1-800-443-7237 Free Gerber Baby Food “Mommy Kit” [Verified 8.3.2007]

      Live operator. Kit has coupons & information. Maybe for multiple

      births only? 8.9.2007 received alot of cents off coupons today.

      1-800-872-2229 Free Heinz Earth’s Best Baby Food Coupons and Booklet

      (press #2)

      1-800-835-7268 Huggies/Kimberly Clark [Verified 3.8.2007] Live

      Operator. They will put you on the mailing list to send you coupons

      and special offers. Also will send out coupons now. 8.10.2007 2-$1.00

      off & 1-$3.00 off coupons.

      1-800-990-4448 Huggies/Kimberly Clark Rebate Form

      1-800-544-1847 Free Huggies/Kimberley-Clark Product Coupons, Booklets

      and Information

      1-800-565-2229 Johnson & Johnson Mom’s Kit (USA) [Verified 8.1.2007]

      Automated. Press 1 to get the kit.

      1-800-361-8068 Johnson & Johnson Mom’s Pack (Canada) [Verified

      8.1.2007] Live operator.

      1-800-292-4794 “Lansinoh” samples – For Moist Wound Healing During

      Breastfeeding [Verified 8.1.2007] Live operator. They have samples of

      Lanolin Lansinoh, disposable nursing pads, milk storage bags and

      clean & conditioner cloths. 8.8.2007 Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage

      Bags, Clean & Condition Cloths, Disposable Nursing Pads, Lanolin &

      Ultra Soft Nursing Pads.

      1-800-754-8853 Little Remedies coupons, info, and poster (Little

      Noses decongestant aids, Little Tummys gas and nausea relief, etc)

      [Verified 8.10.2007 by oshiekosh] Live operator. Sending out 3


      1-800-222-9123 Free Mead/Johnson Coupons toward Enfamil, ProSobee,

      Other Formulas

      1-800-842-3030 Free Magnetic Dose Chart and $2 Coupon on Children’s

      Motrin Cold

      1-800-344-2229 For Munchkin coupons (for bottles, nipples, etc.)

      1-800-228-7408 Nature’s Goodness/Bay Valley Foods Baby Food “Mommy

      Pack” [Verified 8.3.2007] Live operator. 8.10.2007 received 1 coupon

      each for a free 8 oz. box of Nature’s Goodness Dry Cereal (up to

      $1.68) & free jar of Nature’s Goodness 1,2 or 3 babay food (up to 66

      cents, any variety, up to 6 oz.)

      1-888-227-7122 Nature’s One Free Sample of Baby Formula Automated

      Call as per ubblue

      1-800-952-5080 Free Baby OraJel Coupons for Cherry Flavor and

      Nighttime Formula

      1-800-864-9714 Free Can of “Parent’s Choice” Soy or Milk Formula from


      1-800-222-0453 OR 1-800-843-6430 Playtex For Multiple Births (3

      months & younger) $7.00 Rebate on Diaper Genie [Verified 8.3.2007]

      Live operator.

      1-800-222-9546 Free Similac, Isomil and Other Formula Coupons (Ross


      1-800-518-2582 Similac/Ross Labs (Canadia) coupons and samples

      1-800-485-9918 Free Can of “Store Brand” Formula from PBM Products

      1-800-746-8888 ext. 715 Free sample of “Zilactin” Baby Teething Gel


      800-341-5211 Free “Brown and Williamson” Discount Coupons of Your


      800-811-6961 Free “Kool” Cigarettes Coupons (press 3) and Catalog

      (press 4)

      800-872-6460 Natural American Spirit Cigarettes [Verified 8.6.2007]

      Automated call. I saw it in Giant Magazine the extension was 79837.

      877-744-1234 Free “Newport Medium” Cigarettes $1 Coupon & Mailing

      List Sign-Up

      866-783-7812 Free “Quest” Low Nicotine Step-Down Cigarettes Mailing


      800-372-9300 Free Sign-Up for RJR Tobacco Mailing List for Coupons

      and Offers

      800-265-1173 Free Sign-Up for RJR Tobacco Mailing List for Coupons

      and Offers


      (800) 838-2326 Eden Organic – Tea & Pasta Samples [Verified 8.1.2007]

      Live operator. When you call just tell them a friend referred you to

      get samples. They are given out Kamut Ditilini (she said it was soy

      based?) and Veggie Shells. Sounds cool- 8.4.2007 All they sent me was

      literature & cents off coupons so I am going to call next week and

      see why. 8.6.2007 called them back Renee said the samples were

      shipped this morning! 8.8.2007 received Kamut Ditalini and yet more

      coupons, recipes & literature

      (866) 472-8679 Savory Creations Liquid Chicken, Beef & Turkey Broth

      Concentrate [Verified 8.3.2007] Live operator 8.6.2007 Received

      (800) 373-3769 Soy Sauce Coupon for Free Bottle + Recipes (AR., CA.,

      NV., OR. & WA. only) [Verified 8.10.2007 by oshiekosh] Live operator.

      They will be sending it out to oshiekosh (Did not say whether it is a

      bottle or a coupon, so I guess we shall see.).

      (800) 453-8311 Free Sample of Veggie Wash [Verified 8.6.2007] Live

      operator. They did not ask, but I saw this in the July/August 2007

      issue of Vegetarian Times.

      Health & Beauty

      (800) 875-9207 3 Day Supply Weight Loss Sample

      (877) 477-6647 Free “Advair” Rescue Inhalers (4) to Qualified Asthma


      (877) 262-4360 Free “Ambien” Coupon

      (866) 347-2492 Free $25 Rebate on “At Last” Blood Glucose Testing


      (888) 557-8839 Free Arthritis Medication from Searle if Qualified to

      Take Part in Study

      (800) 257-8650 Bean-O Gas Prevention Sample [Verified 8.1.2007] Live

      operator. 8.3.2007 Received 6 Beano tablets & lots of coupons.

      (800) 668-8968 Beano (Canada Only)

      (800) 448-1448 Canker Cover (patch) [Verified 8.6.2007]

      Live operator. They will send out samples.[/url]

      (800) 597-2267 Centrum Multi-Vitamins – Healthy Habits Starter Kit

      (800) 831-9505 Free “Cerni Queen” Defense Supplement sample

      (800) 831-9505 Cervital Antioxidant Sample

      (800) 721-1331 Free coupon for Ciba vision contact lenses

      (888) 433-8765 Free “Detrol” Urinary Medicine Product Coupon

      (800) 368-8811 DiabEase skincare products [Verified 8.6.2007] Live


      (888) 235-3265 Dr Christopher’s Original Formula [Verified 8.1.2007]

      Live operator. Vital Herb (multivitamin), Mindtrack (for mental

      clarity) & something for your lower bowel. They did ask who referred

      me. I said my friend was weird about me giving out her last name

      (which is actually true). 8.6.2007 Received 2 pkgs of Mind Trac & 2

      pkgs of Lower Bowel (lol, that sounds funny!)

      (888) 345-6709 “Doctor Mindell” Nutritional Product sample 8.6.2007

      left message

      (800) 854-0249 Free “Emergen-C” Mineral Ascorbates sample from Alacer

      (x 7) [Verified 8.6.2007] Live operator. Sending out several samples

      of Emergen-C products

      (800) 986-8510 Ensure Sample (Don’t pick an option, just stay on the

      line.) [Verified 8.7.2007] Live operator. Once only. 8.102007

      received 8 oz. milk chocolate shake & 3-$1.00 multipack coupons

      (800) 301-0016, (800) 598-1990 Excedrin-PM Aspirin Free Sample

      (800) 231-7958 Free 10-pc Roll of “Fiber Choice” Fiber Supplement

      (May not be working)

      (800) 356-6273 Free “Flonase” Nasal Spray $5 Rebate and Allergy


      (800) 999-6069 Focus Contac Lenses for Free

      (800) 776-8366 Free “High-Gar” Farms Garlic Supplement ( &? $1 Coupon)

      (800) 464-8739 Imitrex Migraine Relief Tablets or Spray/Glaxo Smith

      Kline Discounts & information [verified 8.6.2007] Automated call.

      (800) 743-2404 Instead Tampon Alternative

      (888) 464-3336 JointFlex Pain Relieving Cream/SmartScience

      Laboratories [Verified 8.9.2007] Live operator. Will send out a

      sample of JointFlex.

      (877) 465-8836 Free “Juven” Drink Mix sample (Ross/Abbott

      Laboratories) – Helps Fight Muscle Loss (Juven website) [Verified

      8.1.2007] Live operator. Once only. 8.8.2007 Received 1 orange & 1

      grape Juven Therapeutic Nutrition Drink Mix

      (800) 435-7548 Lactaid Sample and Lactoce Intolerant Test Kit

      (800) 522-8243 (Press 2) Lactaid Sample & Pill Box

      (888) 858-7266 Lactaid Ultra Sample

      (877) 528-3727 Lavera – They offer various beauty

      products. I think they are organic products. [Verified 8.6.2007] Live

      operator. They are going to send samples. 8.9.2007 Received 1 Basis

      Senstitiv Aufbau Shampoo, 1 Basis Sensitiv Balsam Shampoo, 2 Hydro-

      Sensation Anti-Ageing-Energy Cream, 2 Lifting Serum Anti-Ageing-

      Energy Hydro-Gel & 2 Ultimate Eye-Care Anti-Ageing-Energy Eye-Cream


      (888) 547-4867 Free Lipitor Cholesterol Medicine Coupon

      (888) 246-6839 Free “MacroForce” Nutritional Supplement sample from


      (800) 962-5357 McNeil Consumer Healthcare – Live operator, the two I

      spoke to were super nice. This is going to be long. [Verified on

      8.1.2007 & 8.6.2007] Benecol, Immodium, Motrin, Nizoral, Tylenol, St.

      Josephs’s Aspirin, Lactaid, Mylanta, Mylicon, Pepcid AC, Pepcid

      Complete, Splenda, Viactiv Products You can receive up to 7 or 8

      samples with coupons. They ask that you only call once every 3

      months. 8.4.2007 received Tylenol Extra Strength Rapid Release

      samples, Tylenol Arthritis Pain samples & coupons. 8.9.2007 Received

      a sample of Pepcid AC, Motrin IB & @ samples of Imodium. Also coupons

      for Motrin IB, Imodium, Pepcid products & Splenda.

      (800) 589-1509 (press 2) MediFreeze Sample Jar of Advanced Cold

      Therapy (1/4oz samples) [Verified 8.2.2007] Automated.

      (800) 983-4237 (press 0) Metamucil/Fibersure (P&G) Sample – Live

      Operator8.9.2007 They don’t have samples right now. She said check

      back in the future.

      (800) 278-4845 Free “MetroGel” Rosacea Medicine $5 Rebate

      (877) 772-4362 Travel Size Pack (1 dose) Nano Greens & NanoPro PRP

      [Verified 8.3.2007] Live operator. NanoPro PRP samples are OOS right

      now, but ask for them because they are expecting to get them in.

      (800) 449-1238 Free “Nasonex” Allergy Relief Spray $5 Rebate

      (800) 463-9486 Free “Nexium” Acid Reflux Medicine Trial

      (888) 262-8765 Natrol [Verified 8.1.2007] Live operator. They will

      send out Easy C (vitamin C),Slenderite (weight reduction w/caffine),

      Omega C & a Chewable Papaya Enzyme.

      (800) 833-8737 OR (800) 672-8241 Natural Balance Herbal Stimulant

      Sample from Pep

      (800) 480-4810 Neutrogena Soap Dish [Verified 8.6.2007] Live operator

      (800) 662-2544 Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega [Verified 8.3.2007]

      Automated. Works 24 hours a day. OP says 8-4:30 PST it is a live

      operator but I called during those hours & got the automated system.

      (888) 246-7224, 1-888-541-3997 Free “NSC-24” for Immune System

      Nutrition sample

      (800) 688-3933 Odorless Garlic

      (888) 678-4644 Free “OptiMune” sample – A Concentrated Natural

      Dietary Supplement

      (888) 483-8641 Pain-relieving cream

      (800) 523-9971 (Ext. 605) Penn Herb Company Sample of OLBAS (Herbal

      Product for Colds)

      (888) 773-5433 Prelief

      (800) 905-3396 Free “Prodium” Urinary Pain Medicine Coupon

      (800) 645-3752 Queen Helene Jason Line Skin Lotion [Verified

      8.6.2007] Live operator, he sounded kind of bored. Press 3 or 4, I

      pressed 3, asked him which one I should have pressed & he said “I

      don’t know.”.

      (800) 274-6601 Reality The Female Condom

      (877) 447-3243 Rebif Travel Kit (For people with MS who use Rebif)

      [Verified 8.6.2007] Live operator. Will send out travel packs (for my

      step-mother-in-law). 8.9.2007 received the weekily planner by FedEx

      8.10.2007 received the travel kit by FedEx. Its very cute. It looks

      like a black clutch.

      (800) FEELDRY Rejoice Bladder Control Protection

      (800) 548-3663 Rembrandt Toothpaste Free Gift [Verified 8.1.2007]

      Live operator. Also answer a 2 question survey on use of dental floss

      & receive a $5.00 off coupon for Rembrandt Toothpaste. 8.4.2007

      Really nice Neutrogena mini manicure kit in a blue plastic/velcro

      case & 3 coupons equaling $5.00 for Rembrandt toothpaste & $1.00 off

      J&J products. The woman said I would get a $5.00 off coupon for

      Rembrandt toothpaste for taking their survey so I am going to call

      them back. 8.6.2007 They do not have $5.00 off coupons. Oh well.

      8.10.2007 1-$3.00 coupon for Rembrandt, 2-$1.00 off coupons for

      Stayfree/O.B./Carefree products, 2-$1.00 off coupons for J&J products

      & 2-$1.00 coupons for Aveeno products

      (800) 940-8423 Tend Skin – They offer various products [Verified

      8.6.2007] Live operator. They are going to send me samples. It will

      take 2-3 weks to get here. I spoke to a really nice person.

      (800) 472-2634 Free sample of “Scandishake” Calorie Rich Shake Mix

      for Weight Gain [Verified 8.1.2007] Press 3 Live operator. They have

      chocolate, strawberry or vanilla. 8.4.2007 received

      (888) 666-1188 Sweet Water Natural Products Free Sample Of Green

      Zinger (Probiotics) Supplement Drink [Verified 8.8.2007]

      (800) 373-3832 Traditional Medicinal Herbal Tea Sample [Verifeid

      8.1.2007] Live operator. Takes about 8 weeks to receive.

      (888) 935-5543 Triaminic & Theraflu coupons Coupons [Verified

      8.1.2007] Live operator. 8.9.2007 Received 2-$1.00 coupons for

      Triaminic & 2-$1.00 coupons for Theraflu

      (800) 487-6526 Free sample of Ultra Pleasure condoms

      (800) 441-5656 Free from Up-Time Sports (Etc.) -Time Nutritional

      Supplement samples [Verified 8.1.2007] Will send sample packets of

      their nutritional. herbal. masculine & multivitamin lines. 8.8.2007

      Received 2 pkgs-Uptime Energy, 1 pkg-Uptime Maximum Strength & 2-pkgs-

      Uptime Performance Herbal.

      (800) 992-1672 Valerian Herb Sample [Verified 8.1.2007]

      Live operator. 8.6.2007 received

      (800) 831-5715 OR (800) 773-7271 Free “Valtrex” Herpes Medicine

      Information Kit and Product Coupon

      (800) 686-0743 Free “Vision Pro Xtra” Nutritional Drink Mix sample

      (say “free sample”)

      (800) 243-8482 VivaLife Science Yes Pak Vitamins & Minerals

      Supplement Samples 8.9.2007 left message

      (800) 746-8888 Zilactin medicated lip balm (May not work?)

      (800) 401-6415 OR (800) 421-6042 Free “Zomig” Migraine Medicine $5


      (800) 499-7832 Free “Zyrtec” Allergy Medicine Coupons and Free Trials


      800.958.5105 Free Metal Detecting Adventure Kit – I called & left a

      message. All they mentioned was a catalog. Thanks Nuala’sMom.

      800.451.8311 Free Report on Sciatica (Nerve) (I hope I spelled that

      right). [Verified 8.6.2007] Automated call.

      866.343.7283 Students Against Violence Everywhere Starter Kit (SAVE)

      [Verified 8.7.2007] I called & left a message on their voicemail.

      8.7.2007 They sent my packet out in the mail today. 8.10.2007


      Pet Care Product Samples & Coupons

      (800) 257-8650 Curtail Anti-Gas Medicine for Your Pet

      (800) 843-4008 Nature’s Recipe Homestyle Cat and Dog Food Free Samples

      (800) 548-8686 Pure Breath Breath Freshener for Pets Samples & Coupon

      (800) 228-2273 Purina Cat Chow Coupon & Literature

      (800) 652-0330 Purina Cat/Dog Food Sample

      (800) 548-8367 Purina Kitten Chow Kitten Club

      (888) 606-2275 Purina One Challenge [Verified 8.4.2007] once every 2


      (800) 652-6060 Purina Pro-plan Cat/Dog Food – Choose a Sample or $4


      (800) 553-7900 Purina Pro-Plan Cat/Dog Food Sample

      (800) 531-2390 Vallet Vet Supply

      Heinz Pet Products (800) 252-7022

      Hill’s Pet Nutrition Line (800) 445-5777

      The IAMS Company (800) 525-4267

      Kal Kan Foods, Inc. (800) 525-5273

      Pet-AG (800) 323-0877

      The Quaker Oats Company (800) 4MY-PETS

      Alpo Frisbee Training Manual for Dogs with over $4.00 in Coupons (88


      Canine Principle : 1-800-705-2111 Free 8 oz sample of “Canine

      Principle” Dog Food (in Cat Fancy)

      Cat Watch : 1-800-829-8893 Free Issue of “Cat Watch” – The Newsletter

      for Cat People (in Cat Fancy)

      Feeding Horses : 1-800-227-8941 Free Booklet “A Complete Guide to

      Feeding Adult Horses” from Purina

      Feline Principle : 1-800-705-2111 Free 8 oz sample of “Feline

      Principle” Cat Food (in Cat Fancy)

      Fish Are Fun : 1-800-526-0650 Free “Fish Are Fun” Informative Booklet

      from Tetra Pet Products (30 pg)

      Life Source : 1-800-211-9180 Free sample of “Life Source” Health Food

      for Cats and Dogs (in Dog Fancy)

      Nuture : 1-800-705-2111 Free sample of “Nurture” Veterinarian Style

      Dog Food (in Dog Fancy)

      Pet Owner’s Supplement and Remedies Guide Free from Dancing Paws 888-


      Pet Products Plus : 1-800-592-6687 Free sample of Pet Products Plus

      Cat Food (in Cat Fancy)

      Pet Products Plus : 1-800-592-6687 Free sample of Pet Products Plus

      Dog Food (in Dog Fancy)

      Pet Scoop Video : 1-800-738-2880 Free Video on the “Pet Scoop”

      Portable Scooper (from Pet Star website)

      Pet Training Video : 1-800-793-6510 Free Video from Radio Systems on

      Pet Training Systems

      Pure Breath Freshener for Pets samples and coupons 31280 Oak Crest

      Dr., #1 Westlake Village, CA 91361

      Purina Cat Chow Coupon & Literature (800) CAT-CARE

      Purina O.N.E. : 1-800-787-0078

      ProPlan ProClub : 1-800-851-3148 Free “ProPlan ProClub” (Cat Breeders

      of 5+) – Rebates/Special Offers

      Purina Puppy Chow : 1-800-956-0899 Free sample of Purina Puppy Chow

      Sojourner Farms Pet Food Mix Sample (88 867-6567

      Trading Faces : 1-800-227-3101 Free Pet Trading Cards sample

      from “Trading Faces

      Baby Resource Information

      1-877-986-9472 Free pregnancy planner from the National Women’s

      Health Resource Center and the Consumer Healthcare Products

      Association. It’s a 10 month blank calendar loaded with pregnancy

      tips and information.

      1-888-663-4637 Free Booklets and Information for Moms-to-Be from the

      March of Dimes

      1-800-843-5678 “Just in Case You Need a Babysitter” Safety Booklet

      ask for booklet #12

      1-800-843-7625 ext. 3076 For a “You’re A New Parent!” Guide from

      Prudential Insurance

      1-888-232-6789 Free “Folic Acid and It’s Role in Preventing Birth

      Defects” Booklet, good for before and during pregnancy.

      1-888-SF EVENT (1-888-733-8368) Free Mayo Clinic Complete Book of

      Pregnancy and Baby’s First Year from State Farm

      1-800-777-2500 “Preventing and Treating Your Baby’s Diaper Rash”

      pamphlet, and a $1 off any size from Balmex

      1-800-729-6686 Free Guide “For a Strong and Healthy Baby” ask

      for “phd603”

      1-800-944-4773 For women after childbirth: a pamphlet

      called “Depression After Delivery” to help you determine if you have

      postpartum blues or need help with deeper feelings.

      1-800-587-DAVS For free information on ear infections and a booklet

      on you baby’s language development and hearing

      1-800-INFANT-A Free information on Advantage Sound and motion


      1-800-400-3430 Free information on why you should have your baby’s

      umbilical cord blood savedl

      1-800-624-9659 Free information on homeopathic medicines for children

      1-800-430-0222 Free information on BeBe Sounds Prenatal Listening


      1-800-433-9016 American Academy of Pediatrics FREE Parent Resource


      1-800-222-0453 Playtex Product Booklets and Informationl

      1-800-872-2229 Heinz Baby Food Booklet

      1-888-935-5543 Triaminic Free information

      1-800-962-5357 Tylenol information

      1-800-526-3967 Johnson & Johnson for “New Parent’s Pack” info

      1-800-222-9546 Free Similac, Isomil or Other Formula Educational


      1-888-746-2852 Free Pregnancy/Childbirth Questions Answered by Helix

      Health Care

      1-800-311-2229 Free Prenatal Care Hot Line from US Dept of

      Health/Human Services

      Baby Safety Tips

      1-800-985-2220 Safety Kit for Halogen Lamps

      1-800-506-4636 Window Covering Safety Council free childproofing kit

      for window blinds

      1-877-UL-4-SAFE Free home safety tips

      1-800-638-2772 Toy Safety” Coloring Book for kids (ask for item #283)

      and you can also ask for a booklet on safe playground tips for


      1-800-638-2772 Free “Child Care Safety Checklist” and Baby Safety


      1-800-985-2220 Free “Bulb Guard” Safety Kits for Halogen Lamps

      (request by postcard)

      1-800-604-1995 Free video on water contamination, lead exposure,

      health effects, and what parents can do to protect their children

      Baby Books, Catalogs, Magazines

      1-800-633-0303 Motherwear catalog for moms who breastfeed

      1-800-432-KIDS Fisher Price catalog and information

      1-800-544-1847 Free Kimberley-Clark (Huggies, Pull-Ups) Proof-of-

      Purchase Catalog, call

      1-800-GO CEDAR Cedar free video for playsets, and catalog

      1-800-533-6708 The 1st years product catalog

      1-800-678-1208 Introductory Subscription to American Baby Magazine

      for Expecting Parents

      1-800-242-5200 Carnation “The Very Best” Magazine

      1-800-533-5437 Free Little Me – Babywear Catalog

      1-800-408-7633 Free breast pump catalog and infant care catalog from

      US Medical Corp

      1-800-966-6847 Free Maternity clothes catalog for Maternity Factory


      1-800-MY5-TOES Free children’s shoes catalog

      1-888-344-BABY “Your Baby’s Development,” a color booklet about child

      development from birth to 18 months

      1-800-4-MOM2BE Free Motherhood Maternity Catalog, they also have

      nursing cloths and plus sizes

      1-800-727-3682 Risk-Free Trial of “Parents” Magazine

      Other Baby Related Items

      1-800-505-2742 Free “Back to Sleep” SIDS Safety Stickers, Video,

      Babysitter Reminder Card

      1-888-933-5383 Free Pregnancy guide cdrom

      1-800-311-2055 Free “Gerber Grow-Up Plan” Insurance Information

      Packet and Application

      1-800-554-7637 Free “Healthtex” Child Immunization Chart and Playwear

      Sizing Guide

      1-88-748-5433 Free “Pregnancy Bracelet” Video – For the Life of Your


      1-888-935-5543 Free “Triaminic” Cough & Cold Tracker for Kids – Handy

      Record Keeper

      1-800-522-7300 Schering Plough free video on child allergies and

      pollen index chart

      1-800-637-0701 Free “Parents Resource Video” – Help in Dealing with

      Troubled Teens

      1-800-843-5678 Free “Eight Rules of Safety” Child Safety Poster from

      NCMEC (#28)

      Health Information

      1-800-252-7463 Free “Clarinex” Medicine Product Information

      1-800-463-9486 Free “Nexium” Acid Reflux Medicine Information

      1-800-643-1400 Free “Peoples Prescription Plan” Brochure – Save on

      Your Prescriptions

      1-877-262-4360 Free “Ambien” 10-Day Sleep Diary and Product


      1-800-272-3900 Free Alzheimer’s Association Booklets, Info & Contacts

      to Local Agencies

      1-800-268-6234 Free “Coumadin” Tablet Dispenser, Brochures and Dosage


      1-800-245-1040 Free “Abreva” Non-Precription Cold Sore Medicine


      1-800-423-8247 877-423-8247 Free “Advair” Diskus Device Asthma Relief

      Medicine Information

      1-866-725-3272 Free “Aldara” Genital Wart Medicine Product


      1-877-426-2436 Free “Ambien” Prescription Sleep-Aid Product


      1-800-760-6029 Free “Aricept” Product Information and Memory


      1-800-477-3530, 1-800-778-6580 Free “Avlimil” Product Information

      1-888-235-3273 Free “Celebrex” Osteoarthritis Medicine Product


      1-800-252-7463 Free “Clarinex” Medicine Product Information

      1-800-252-7484 Free “Claritin” Allergy Medicine Product Information

      1-888-336-2847 Free “Denavir” Cold Sore Medicine Product Information

      1-888-433-8765 Free “Detrol” Urinary Medicine Information Kit

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      Information Hot-Line

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      Patients Information

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