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      Try all the diaper manufacturers as well for freebies. With feeding, the very best, cheapest, healthiest formula is . . . mom’s breast milk. She should try nursing and see how it goes. Almost every hospital in our area has a lactation consultant on staff that is part of the neonatal care (no extra charge). She should ask for a consult. If you or any other friends have nursed your babies, you can help her. Also, if she can’t nurse, she shouldn’t kick herself. It is not always easy and can be very difficult for mom and baby to learn. Most doctors have free samples they can give their patients – and as someone else said, she should sign up for WIC. The income standards are much higher than other public benefits. Also, she could try Freecycle in her area and request baby items. They are always being offered on our Freecycle. Best of luck to her,

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