Inexpensive hosiery?

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      Amy, Does it have to be hose or does it have to like hose? If it really has to be hose, I can’t help you…if you can get by with a “finished” looking leg, I’ve had great luck with the Jergen’s gradual tanner lotion.

      I have very pale skin anduse the lightest color they have- first I scruff off the old dry skin on knees andankles, then put plain hand/body lotion on the extra dry areas and let them sit for about 20 min.Then I follow up with the Jergen’s tanning stuff- when you use the regular lotion first, it keeps the extra dry areas from “grabbing” all the pigment in the Jergen’s …so you don’t have orange-ish/tan circles on your knees or “dirty” looking ankles.

      HTH Lisa G.

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