Inexpensive hosiery?

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      In the winter time I wear fashionable opague panty

      hose. You can buy them in the supermarket or at places

      like Target or even Walmart. The heavier opague looks

      great with shorter skirts and comes in great colors.

      Also, in the winter you can wear boots with longer

      skirts if your job will let you. Also, check with

      department stores for their store brand stockings as

      opposed to the high end designer. For years I wore

      only Berkshire but at some point you get really

      creative if you have to. good


      — mommyto2zs <> wrote:

      > Where can I find inexpensive pantyhose? I clip

      > coupons and wait for

      > sales, but it is not an item that I typically stock

      > up on – I realize

      > that all of a sudden I need some hose.


      > Any ideas? I work in a job that requires hose at

      > least 2-3 times a

      > week.It really isn’t optional (I can get away with

      > no hose during the

      > summer, fo rthe most part).


      > Thanks in advance,


      > Amy





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