Inexpensive hosiery?

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      Dollar tree has them in my area for a buck, Walmart has some

      that are pretty cheap as well. I have seen them in Dollar

      general as well for not to bad of a price. I don’t wear them at

      all. I use knee-highs and wear longer skirts/slacks when I have

      to wear them. They usually come in 5 pair for a buck.

      Take care


      — mommyto2zs <> wrote:

      > Where can I find inexpensive pantyhose? I clip coupons and

      > wait for

      > sales, but it is not an item that I typically stock up on – I

      > realize

      > that all of a sudden I need some hose.


      > Any ideas? I work in a job that requires hose at least 2-3

      > times a

      > week.It really isn’t optional (I can get away with no hose

      > during the

      > summer, fo rthe most part).


      > Thanks in advance,


      > Amy





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