Inexpensive hosiery?

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      Have you ever tried cutting off the “bad” leg with the runner and then wearing 2 pairs at once? Provided the hose are the identical shade noone can tell the difference! I have used this trick many a times to prolong the life of the pantyhose in my drawer.

      I love the smooth, polished look of pantyhose when I am dressed up for work or church and can’t understand my 19 y.o. daughter and her friend’s aversion to them.

      — On Tue, 3/18/08, Shannon wrote:

      From: Shannon
      Subject: Re: : Inexpensive hosiery?
      Date: Tuesday, March 18, 2008, 4:50 pm

      I buy them at the dollar store or at Walmart for 97 cents. Sadly enough,
      they last the same time as the expensive ones – not like it used to be in
      our Grandma’s time! You could mend those with nail polish – some of these,
      you’re lucky if you can get on once without putting a finger through them.

      But, $1 is better than $9.


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      From: “mommyto2zs” <apokras@yahoo. com>
      > Where can I find inexpensive pantyhose? I clip coupons and wait for
      > sales, but it is not an item that I typically stock up on – I realize
      > that all of a sudden I need some hose.
      > Any ideas?

      I work in a job that requires hose at least 2-3 times a
      > week.It really isn’t optional (I can get away with no hose during the
      > summer, fo rthe most part).
      > Thanks in advance,

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