Inexpensive hosiery?

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      Hi, Amy!

      I buy hosiery at the dollar store when odd lots come through, and I

      also look at the clearance areas of any store that I’m at to shop.

      Sometimes you can find hosiery at incredible rates, that way. I hope

      that helps. It’s such a rip-off at full price, LOL. Extend your

      existing hose supply by just rinsing in cold water (add very little

      soap) and drying flat, or hanging if they are sturdy. It’s a better

      deal, unless you are terribly rough on them, to buy the good stuff

      than to go for the cheapo brands. I do know, also, that there is

      supposed to be a rather indestructible variety out on the market,

      now. I haven’t researched it, lately, but if you are wearing these

      regularly, you may as well get something that you will not have to

      replace for a very long time.

      Blessings, and best wishes! Carole 🙂

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