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      So Easy Bath Salts Recipe

      Epsom salts
      Food coloring (a few droplets)
      Fragrance (scented oils)

      Mix the epsom salts, the food coloring and your fragrance together. Its easy
      if you throw them into a ziploc bag and shake well.

      Fill a decorative glass container and wrap a colorful ribbon around the neck
      or decorate the lid and your bath salts recipe becomes a pretty gift to give.

      Forest Calm Bath Salts Recipe1 cup kosher salt
      1 cup baking soda
      3 drops Pine balsam essential/fragrance oil
      2 drops cinnamon essential/fragrance oil
      2 drops cassis essential/fragrance oil
      2 tablespoons of liquid glycerin (optional)Mix ingredients together blending
      well. Break up any clumps. The liquid glycerin acts as a moisturizer.

      Rose Fizzy Bath Bombs Recipe1 cup baking soda
      1/2 cup cornstarch
      1 cup citric acid
      1/8 cup epson salt
      1/2 cup olive oil
      20 to 28 drop rose fragrance oil
      Mix first five ingredients together well . When you have the consistency of a
      pastry dough, add drops of fragrance oil. Form into small, golf- sized balls,
      and place on wax paper sheet.

      Allow your bath bombs to dry for 3 or 4 days. They will become rock hard.
      Ideally bath bombs should be stored in a glass container.

      Nice n’ Easy Milk Bath Recipe2 parts skim milk powder
      1 part cornstarch
      droplets of scented oilMix the dry ingredients together and add the droplets
      of your favorite scented oil to your milk bath recipe

      Lavender Bubble Bath Recipe1 cup hypoallergenic, for sensitive skin, clear
      dish liquid
      1 1/2 cup water
      1 oz glycerin
      1/2 teaspoon salt ( regular table salt is fine)
      15 drops lavender fragrance oil
      droplets of red and blue food color to make purple or mauve colour Pour
      liquid soap and glycerin into a bowl and add water. Stir gently until well
      mixed. Add salt, and stir until mixture thickens. Stir in your lavender
      scents slowly, add your colour sparingly, into your bubble bath recipe.

      Oatmeal Green Tea Bath Recipe1/4 cup instant oatmeal
      1/4 cup loose green tea leaves Shake the tea leaves and the oatmeal together.
      Wrap the oatmeal bath recipe mixture together in a piece of muslin, forming a
      bag, closing the ends to prevent the mixture from falling out.

      Run a warm bath at a temperature that is suitable and allow the oatmeal bath
      bag to soak to steep as the tub fills. Remove and discard – take care to
      place on a nonstain surface

      Basically Rich Bath Oil Recipe1 1/2 oz. olive oil
      3 oz. almond oil
      1 oz. sesame oil
      1 oz. canola oil
      1/2 oz. wheat germ oil
      25 droplets of fragrant essential oilPour oils in a jar, cap with a tight
      fitting lid and shake well. Add approximately 1 oz. to your bath oil recipe
      per bath.

      For these valentine idea u can somethings around to make it for mothers day

      Sparkly Crafts Materials

      • Heavy Paper
      • Red, white, pink paint
      • Table salt

      Paint a large heart with red, pink or white paint, onto the heavy paper.
      While the paint is still damp, sprinkle some salt over the painting. The
      heart will sparkle when it dries.? ?

      Crafts Picture Frame

      Construction paper
      Fabric paint
      Your photo

      Cut out a bigger heart and cut a heart out of the center.Then write, I love
      you mom and dad or whatever you want. Use my tubes of fabric paints to
      decorate them. Then when they are dry, put the picture in the center. ?

      Mothers Day Crafts Trinket Pot Materials

      4″ Terra cotta pot
      Red acrylic paint
      4 Small white paper hearts (lacey ones if you can get)
      White glue

      Paint the pot red. Let it dry and give it a second coat if it needs it. Once
      the pot is dry glue on the paper hearts.
      ? ? Valentine Candy NecklaceMaterials

      • Plastic wrap (3 foot piece)
      • Individually wrapped candies
      • Red Ribbon (cut in 6 inch lengths)
      • some help from older brother or sister

      Makes 2 necklaces.

      Lay out three feet of plastic wrap, cutting it in half lengthwise.

      On each piece of plasic wrap place candies or groups of candies every three

      Roll the plastic over and tie bows between each candy using six-inch strips
      of ribbon.

      Tie the two ends of the plastic wrap together and cover the knot with another
      piece of red ribbon.

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Holidays & Special Occasions Mothers Day & Fathers Day Inexpensive Gift Idea for Moms